UK commits over $100 million in investments to Somalia


LONDON, UK - The United Kingdom is keen to promote investments in the federal republic of Somalia, it has emerged, following the recent bilateral relations meeting between President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

On Monday, Sunak, the first British Prime Minister of colors, said London is keen to promote long-term projects in Somalia, which would tremendously improve the country's economy besides creating jobs for locals. Somalia was partly colonized by the Britons.

During the meeting which featured matters of food security, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud said his administration is working hard to mitigate famine, which resulted from long spells of drought. The country is currently battling with flush floods which have left over 30 people dead.

In response to these challenges, British Prime Minister Mr. Rishi Sunak announced that the Kingdom will begin funding development projects, economic infrastructure, and agricultural development in Somalia, state media reports. He emphasized that they have planned one hundred million dollars towards this endeavor.

President Hassan Sheikh, whose speech also focused on stability, said that Somalia could be central to international efforts to eradicate hunger and ensure sustainable energy and agriculture. He lauded the international community for endless support.

The president noted that the Somali army has liberated more than 70 districts and areas that are rich in agricultural crops, which Al-Shabaab terrorists have crippled their production, after denying freedom to the lives of the farmers, state media notes.

Britain has been Somalia's major security and financial partner for several years, with the country investing much in state building. President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud is determined to end the Al-Shabaab menace, with the government providing necessary logistical support to the Somali National Army.


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