What Key Articles Did Somalia’s Federal Parliament Change Amid Strong Opposition?


MUQDISHO, Somalia – The Federal Parliament of Somalia has successfully passed several amendments to the country’s provisional constitution in a session held in the capital, Mogadishu. The amendments, which have been met with opposition from Puntland and other groups, specifically address the first four chapters of the constitution.

One of the notable amendments is the extension of the federal leadership’s term from four to five years. This change directly impacts the tenure of the current federal leaders, extending their period in office by one year. Additionally, the amendments grant the president the authority to appoint and dismiss the Prime Minister, centralizing more power within the presidential office.

The revision also introduces new titles for regional state leadership, transitioning from “President” and “Vice President” to “Leader” and “Deputy Leader.” This language shift reflects the broader changes aimed at refining the governance structure.

Political party dynamics within the country are set to change, with the constitution now permitting only three political parties, a decision that has sparked debate among stakeholders pushing for greater political diversity.

Moreover, the amendments include a clause for direct presidential elections, yet without a defined timetable, raising concerns about the clarity and transparency of future electoral processes.

These constitutional changes signify a crucial step in Somalia’s political evolution, setting the stage for how governance and leadership will be structured in the coming years. As Somalia embarks on implementing these amendments, the focus remains on their impact on the nation’s democratic foundations and political stability.


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