Captain Ibrahim Traore takes over Burkina Faso in a second coup

Speaking to the Voice of America last Friday, the 34-year-old captain accused Colonel Damiba of failing to unite the country.

  • Africa


  • 01:29PM

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EU: We are alarmed with total blockage of humanitarian access in Tigray

The TPLF accuses the Ethiopian government of blocking humanitarian access to the region, besides targeting innocent civilians.

  • Africa


  • 10:33AM

Turkey's Bayraktar TB2 drones being used in Al-Shabaab war

The Al-Shabaab is also believed to be using drones whose origin is in the Middle East but the manufacturing country is yet to be established.

  • Somalia


  • 08:10AM

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Editor's Pick

EDITORIAL: A rigged election is more dangerous than none

If there was any lesson to learn from that, it should be that an election where opposition contenders can’t have the same rights to seek an election is a very dangerous one.

  • Editorial


  • 10:57AM

EDITORIAL: Africa’s needs mean it cannot choose between US or China

That is because most global powers would like to address the continent as one, under one policy, and probably under one special envoy.

  • Editorial


  • 04:35PM

EDITORIAL: Ethiopia's peace must start with building trust among its people

For Ethiopia though, the dilemma is whether to be punished for sticking one’s ground or stay in a war whose victory is not guaranteed.

  • Editorial


  • 02:42PM

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